Plone Open Garden 2013

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O' sole, o' mare...! Calling attention to the sunshine and the Gulf of Naples, punctuated with quick arm and hand sweeps, and uttered with the appropriate Neapolitan accent, one is happy to let it all sink in, and finally leave behind the damp, grey weariness of another godforsaken Pacific Northwest winter.

There is no better way for plugging into the Plone community than to show up at any one of the many events happening year-round and worldwide

For the seventh year, a contingent of Plone professionals  again converged on the classy Hotel Mediterraneo in Sorrento for the annual Plone Open Garden, and I counted myself among the lucky ones to partake in the five days and four nights of intense, yet relaxed coding, sharing and - most of all - bonding with other members of this extraordinary community.  For some years now I had PLOG on my radar, but this year was my first opportunity to experience it first-hand.  The superb dining and the impeccable style of the hotel's ambiance and of its garden certainly helped, but the overwhelming feeling I got from all fifty-odd participants was one of delight at being reunited one more time and have a chance to spend a few days together doing what we all love to do.  Coming from all corners of Europe (Finland, The Netherlands, the United Kingdom, France, Slovenia, Catalonia, Germany, Spain, and, of course, Italy) and from as far as Brazil, not to mention yours truly from the United States, for many this was the first chance to meet face to face since the October 2012 Plone Conference in Arnhem.  All our electronic communications channels notwithstanding, the Plone community is very much a human community, and humans need personal interactions to reinforce this sense of belonging everybody craves.  Anyone out there wanting to find ways to plug into Plone, or just learn more about it - take note:  there is no better way than to show up at any one of the many events happening year-round and worldwide.  Without aiming to detract from any of them, in my humble estimation, PLOG tops them all.  My heartfelt appreciation goes to the Abstract team who made it all happen, fearlessly led by Maurizio Del Monte.

From the many excellent morning talks in the Speakers' Corner and all the conversations and sprints that happened on this occasion, I got the distinct sense that the energy and momentum behind several strategic directions are significantly increasing: to name a few, the marketing effort and the upcoming and the Products Party.

Personally, with Asko Soukka's help I learned how to integrate (slides), Travis continuous integration tests, and Saucelabs into any given add-on, which is a terrific testing framework, and I integrated robot tests into Plomino.  I enjoyed learning about NixOS, and  I also want to re-share a 2007 paper by Jonah Bossewitch: Fabricating Freedom: Free Software Developers at Work and Play.  Brought to our attention over dinner and tweeted by Silvio Tomatis, Jonah paints a picture of the open source community, and the Plone community in particular, in which many of us will not fail to recognize ourselves.

Please enjoy some pictures I took at PLOG, and now Onwards to Brazil!

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