How to add portlet widgets to eea.facetednavigation

Posted by Fulvio Casali at Jun 02, 2015 12:21 PM |
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You may want to use an existing portlet, but if you want to create an ad-hoc portlet, you can do it in the ZMI:

  • Go to portal_skins
  • Go into the custom folder
  • Select Page template from the Add dropdown menu, top right
  • Give it a simple name - I will refer to this name below as your_portlet_id
  • Paste in the following code:


<div metal:define-macro="portlet">
<h1>Foo Bar!</h1>


Now go back to the site:

  • On your faceted navigation page, go to the Faceted Criteria tab
  • In the Top widgets section, click the + button
  • In the Add widget dialog, select the type Plone portlet
  • Give it a friendly title (but this would only be shown to you, not to the end user)
  • Under portlet macro, enter:  your_portlet_id/macros/portlet, (replacing your_portlet_id with the name you chose earlier in portal_skins/custom)


Now you can go back in the ZMI portal_skins/custom, and use any HTML you want.



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